Shoonem – A park of the municipality

Protected Park Shoonem


With pride we present this plan for a social and institutional advancement. The prime objective being to protect the nature upon which the development of a gentle tourism shall be based. We are confident of having built an intelligent proposal which will put the municipality Alto Río Senguer in an improved condition for planning its future. Over and above this plan kindles a necessary discussion on the best way of dealing with everyday life not only thinking of the effects on the current generation but also on the following. Because we could involve various institutional actors as well as our neighbouring country Chile the result is an improved circumstance on that we can effectively substantiate further discussions on our future.

Miguel López Gutiérrez government.


House of Senate of Argentina: declaring the Protected Park Shoonem of environmental, touristic and cultural interest (S-2473/13)

House of Deputies of Argentina: declaring of interest the creation of the Protected Park Shoonem (4720-D-2013)

Erlenmeyer Foundation: funding several essential aspects of Protected Park Shoonem