Report 2012-2013 season finale

Late April is terminated the peak tourist season in Alto Rio Senguer, then the data and details that were allowed during this stage detailed.

The home Tourism Alto Rio Senguer conto a way of working rotating shifts 4 hours from 08:00 to 20:00. , At the office located in the town and a weekly mode 7 day stay in Cabin Municipal located at the northern entrance to the area of La Plata and Fontana lakes also rotating , being a person in charge of the cabin itself.

The work to be performed during the hours spent in the office ranging from attention to tourists , information, information via mail , web management , call center statistics to management and sale of fishing permits , during the stay in the lakes informants performed almost similar to office information regarding the work but there should collect tolls , it shall maintain the site and its corresponding collection , waste collection , handling pumps and motors, cleaning bathrooms and general maintenance .
The tourism sector counted this season with a total of 10 people , seven of which were developing as informants , a person in charge of the municipal cabin, petty person in the office and in charge of the area in general.

Registration tourists
During the season was held a record of tourists who came to the vicinity of the house in our town reports , this record had the following items:

Number of members
Groups (family, friends, single person )

The raid conducted gave a total score of 1724 people which were taken by adding the log of the lakes and the local office.

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